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It hadn't been easy bringing up my daughter single handed after her mother had died, though I never told Jackie that her mother had been leaving both of us when her car crashed.

I'd been left with an eighteen month old baby which forced me to give up my job, thankfully my wife's life insurance money was enough to keep us if not in style at least in decency.

Lowering my hand slowly to her bare bottom I stroked her skin and my desire turned to lust, I was shocked by my actions yet seemed unable to stop myself as I stroked my way to her pussy.

As my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips then rubbed along her slit Jackie began wriggling on me again, I felt ashamed of myself nevertheless I continued to caress her soft, warm, moist pussy.

Moments later I parted our lips and moved my mouth to one of her nipples and as I sucked the hard bud into my mouth Jackie sobbed, all the while my fingers thrust into her pussy, forcing her body to respond to my lecherous attentions.