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Lipper and Vincent's third book in the series, Live Like a Hot Chick, helps women conquer insecurities and act like confident, savvy Hot Chicks in all aspects of their lives.Lipper and Vincent teach readers how to balance work, play, and feeling fabulous in this ever more stressful and complicated world.Click here to purchase Cerina’s movies and books Mike Gencarelli: You started your career with “Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy”, do you find that you still have a following from this show?

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Vincent and Lipper teach women how to enjoy food, while making smart choices.

With witty sass and goodwill, they tell audiences how a Hot Chick should eat: which cocktails will keep a Hot Chick light on her feet well past midnight; what to eat on a date; how to stay on track if you're down in the dumps (or if you just got dumped).

MG: Tell me about your monthly column on The Huffington Post with Jodi Lipper?

CV: We started our column with the release of our first book, “How to Eat Like a Hot Chick”, and we’re still doing it.

The kids that grew up with “Power Rangers” seem to always have a special place in their heart for the show and its neat to see that they are still watching it, even though it was over ten years ago!