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This movie is filled with chocolate bunnies, and between now and easter, we’ll look at a few of these steamy sweet cream-filled chocolate movies.

If you’re like me I know what your favorite part of easter is (other than getting to see Charlton Heston be Moses every year) …the coolest thing about easter is the chocolate bunnies.

These Jamaican jiggaboo jungle-bunnies show us why so many people cum to the Caribbean…butts, boobs, and buds.

My problem with this flick is that we all know that in the Caribbean they have these awesome party places, like Club Hedonism with far out and kinky group action where, unlike in this movie, the chicks happily take multiple cocks and multiple loads…why the hell isn’t that happening in this movie?

Personally I dig there to be some real in and out pussy filling action as well as just blowjobs when I’m watching porn, but these babes do give a righteous showing as sluts who love the cock.

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