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Now, the real reason behind the departure of the couple has been revealed by an anonymous staff member who was part of the program.

“As someone who witnessed the whole ordeal at the Dubai filming location, among the many people there, I have decided to tell the whole truth behind what happened.

The PDs expressed, “Seo In Young and Crown J couple will film until the end of December and then depart completely. Jung Hyung Don – Saori, Lee Hwi Jae – Jo Yeo Jeong (always never mentioned, but I WILL), Andy – Solbi, Alex – Shin Ae (twice) all left the show earlier.

Their segments will finish airing by January.” Seo In Young management, Star Empire confirmed the news, “Seo In Young was only supposed to film until November. After her filming for We Got Married ends in December, she will going to America for a vacation in January before returning home.” Meanwhile, Crown J is also understood to be heading to America in January as well to work on his music. Kim Hyun Joong – Hwang Bo will make their final appearance this Sunday (although they completed filming in November).

After finally filming the fireworks and heading back home….