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He called Congresswoman Kay Grange, visited her office and spoke with one of her representatives about the travel ban. Then protests broke out all over the country, including at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. “I saw mothers and grandparents on the news getting separated from their families and I got kind of emotional thinking about it and thinking about my own family,” he says. I mean, this isn’t the America that I know.” While standing alone on the cement-lined, grassy island, Mc Cray has heard it all – boos, car horns, cheers and, of course, his fair share of ‘fuck you.’” According to the , 51.7 percent of Forth Worth residents voted for Donald Trump, which isn’t an overwhelming number, but enough to garner some unpleasant reactions to his sign. And maybe it will stick with them.” Mc Cray has since started taking the sign with him on his travels.

“There just wasn’t any compassion as to how it was implemented. Some people have called the cops on him, others hold up the peace sign. They just saw him standing there and wondered what he was doing out there with that sign. “I made up my own story about him, about who he was and why he was doing what he was doing, and how he had to get out there and just do something – anything. He’s recently been to Oklahoma, Florida and South Carolina.

He says he didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it, but ideally had two specific requirements: within walking distance of his home, and a lot of traffic. This right here is different.” When asked why it was different, Mc Cray pauses.

So, he chose an intersection that fit the bill, with a four-way stop and an island off to the side for him to stand on. He speaks in a heavier and much more somber tone than the lighthearted, jovial one he’s been using.

And that’s kind of how I felt.” Mc Cray maintains that he isn’t political.