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We find out just how she does it all – the day time job, her new Saka Wena track with Ice Prince and everything else she is up to.

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, the Chicago-born, Brooklyn-transplant rapper who looks good and thinks big. ” She said, “She has no idea who you are, but I think you’re great and her husband’s a big boy, so she’s a chubby chaser and I think she’ll like you.” I’ve played bear festivals, P-town, San Francisco Bear Pride. Whatever label someone wants to put on me so they can follow what I’m giving, that’s fine. It sounds like your career started because you were just having some creative fun rather than intending to break down barriers.

In December 2011, the Dipper came out with his first song—“Drop Drop (April Showers)”—which raunchily toyed with themes from Musto: Hi, Big Dipper. I don’t do a lot of premeditation when I go in the studio. I’m generally a happy, positive-vibing person who likes to have fun. The intersection between the bear community and rapping is not good on the Venn diagram. That means you’re paying attention to what I’m doing, and that’s the whole goal. Onstage, I wear an ass-out jockstrap, a wrestling singlet, and chains on chains on chains. I was not thinking about anything until the first song was done.

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She calls herself the rap queen and has the skills to prove it, we chat to Nadia about her start in the music industry.

Definitely Nazizi from Kenya, Eva Alordiah from Nigeria, Stella Mwangi from Kenya and Cleo Ice Queen from Zambia. I am a musician and I like experimenting with new sounds.