Dating kim kardashians brother

, the reality celebutante airs her grievances about her family’s mind-numbingly complicated relationships.

For those unfamiliar with Kardashian konflicts, you can catch up in full here, but it’s important to know the following: “I understand that Kylie dating Tyga completely broke Chyna’s heart. In the meantime, can anyone tell us if this conversation happened before or after this was taken?

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While it's not exactly surprising to say Yeezy and his wife's ex aren't exactly bezzas, Ray says his sister (Brandy, of Brandy and Monica fame) and Kanye Despite claims about the sex tape giving the couple much-wanted publicity a whole decade ago, Ray J says it was not a great point in his career.

I was loving and lying."Ray J went on to say they've "never crossed paths. I've seen her mom and her sisters at the basketball game and said, 'hi'." And Kanye?

I think she really loved you very much." "You're looking at it from outside the house, walking in and seeing her do my clothes or something.

Period.""I want to be recognised for more than [the sex tape]," he said later.

"Has there been so many crazy things that happened? Rob and Blac Chyna will give fans a glimpse into their relationship on the new E!