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If you feel more comfortable using Excel's familiar pivot table layout, you can alter your settings to show the older style pivot table drag and drop box (pictured below).

To enable the previous version's look, select Pivot Table Tools Options.

Using the view-level controls, you can also set table-wide formatting properties, import formatting from other queries, and set grand totals for the entire table.

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The Limited Choices link will limit choices to those that are consistent with any pre-existing filters. Another way to achieve this result is to CTRL-click the column in the selection pane, which opens the Create/Edit Filter dialog box with the selected column, but doesn't add the column to the query criteria.

Verify that the Operator for the filter is set to "is equal to / is in" and then click the Direct Sales value in the list of choices. Other ways to view results are by clicking the view buttons below the tabs in the Criteria pane, or by clicking the Display Results button below the columns in your query criteria.

The metadata contains the information that the server uses to translate from a logical query (using business terms) to one or more physical queries needed to retrieve the correct information to satisfy the request.

:\Oracle BI\server\Config\in Notepad and edit the repository name to point to the repository you just copied.

In the Repository section, enter # before "Star" to comment out any other repository name entry.