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but to my DH family is everything and sticking together to help each other out is paramount. Are you afraid that they'll be too overbearing when the baby arrives? That they will stab the child while you're not looking because the baby is bi-racial or because they don't want to have to babysit or because they're psycho?

I come from a dysfunctional family and have no real communication with my parents. this is something we struggle with because I don't want to be tied to family events "just because" they are family events... What the hell does "But my future in-laws frighten me" mean?

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Like PP said, it depends on how long your ILs have been in the country and where they're originally from.

I'm married to a partial Asian but we don't know what his exact ethnicity is. Really no different than anyone else although I do wonder which features our kids will inherit. If you really think that op is a troll bc her story doesn't make sense in your head , then stop reading and click out of the discussion. Op -I am in a similar biracial relationship and have not encountered any issues.

And that for me has been the biggest stress -- family over everything... I'm wondering about the entire biracial experience for my future child (and if it's a girl, what will my in laws truly think?! maybe they just don't like this shotgun wedding you trapped their son in, especially since you appears to be racist.

I am married to an Asian who came to the US as a political assylee who had to use food banks and work terrible jobs to make money to support the family -- especially after his father died unexpectedly on a business trip abroad because he couldn't find suitable work in his field here in the US (pilot). But if you're reading this, I'm hoping you're willing to share your experiences and advice. First you say you just got married, then you call your in-laws, future in-laws, and you are already pregnant?

We don't talk a lot though I see them often - they are just quiet compared to my parents! My experience might be unique because both my inlaws and SIL have many non Asian friends and there are many interracial marriages in the family (cousins etc.) Our kids are gorgeous (of course I'm biased!!