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Like your local educational TV or radio station, our Forum relies on help from visitors like you. I always had shortness of breath and I am now better since they have taken me off my Effient and others. The first year was rough but you will get better just takes time.The grant funding we receive does not fully cover our costs; please consider making a recurring monthly contribution or a one-time donation. • Hi Arup in Faridabad -- When we see posts such as yours, we wish that hospitals would be more forceful in making sure that angioplasty patients are given clear instructions when discharged about what they can and cannot do.It is important that you are present personally to sign the verification documents.

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What it means is that police should be satisfied about your identity as well as about your residence proof for past 1 year.

The documents that you submit add weight to your cause but may not necessarily mean that police will approve your application.

But police asked about travel in last 2 years after coming to this address. He has recorded it and asked to give the xerox of pages of departure and entry of the pages.

he mentioned during the discussion you were not there in India for 6 months last year.

The police will also ask some neighbours to sign the verification form. They may or may not be the same references that you gave in the passport application form. They ask you to come with all documents along with 2 photocopies and 2 passport size photographs.