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Over 20 years there have been literally thousands of hours of staff and professional time (let alone money) putting together submissions to go to David Miscavige that he didn’t approve.

Again, read the numerous accounts in the media and on the internet.

Anyone who has ever done the work on a project and had to get it approved by Miscavige recounts a familiar tale.

And don’t doubt that he insisted on approving everything – anyone who attempted to take any action of significance in Scientology without his approval was accused of trying to “take over” and declared a Treasonous SP.

And while the Church tries to claim that every one of them is a bald-faced liar and “nothing really happened to them” (though they never seem able to come up with a motivation for so many people lying – other than the bizarre allegation that Marty Rathbun and I are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies), there are numerous people who have observed the facts.