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What a great cruise it was, sharing the stage with some of my favorite fellow artists and spending time with so many great and loyal country music fans.

The weather was perfect and no one got sick....could not have asked for more!

I'm pretty much the utility person in charge of clean dishes, litter box, and fresh water...the one who serves the soft food from the refrigerator...demand.

Gene is the one she follows from room to room and who she sits by waiting for treats! Another great experience was being asked to speak at a Leadership in Music Luncheon...a rather intimidating group of some of our industry's most successful people.... February found us running and playing with family and friends...flew down to Phoenix for my great nephew Cole Seely's Supercross Race.

March was time to seriously get started working on the new CD....making the final decisions on what songs to do, working out the arrangements, scheduling rehearsals, and then heading into the Studio to record.

I'm so fortunate to work with such amazing musicians every week and that made the transition to the recording studio so much easier.

We adopted a small calico cat whose 'mother' had to go into hospice care and was looking for a home where she would continue to be loved and cared for.