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By far, the largest religion in Jamaica is the Christian faith.The Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Baptists, and the Church of God are present throughout the country.

In its Jamaican homeland, Rastafari is a minority culture and receives little in the way of official recognition.

Jamaica is an overwhelmingly Christian country, so Rasta beliefs and practices – such as the divinity of H. M Hailie Selassie – are sometimes regarded as pagan by Christian Jamaicans.) Nevertheless, the artistic contributions of the movement, particularly Bob Marley, are widely respected.

This dialect is a combination of the languages from the different inhabitants in its history.

It was developed by the slaves over time in an effort to communicate with each other, especially given that they were from different countries and, for the Africans, also from different tribes.

Dancehall, or reggae, music has inspired a number of dance styles as well.