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And because they're now celebrities, they have this platform to do that.

Kors: Don't you have to ask yourself, though: what kind of person would want to go through a painful, private process like rehab on camera?

Although once addiction is there, the trappings of celebrity can cause addiction to blossom. And as far as I'm concerned, media is the Rome of our day. The other thing is I tend to get interested in the medical issues of the day. Kors: You're excellent at helping parents with teens who are addicts. Kors: I saw you on promoting the Rx Locker, which safety locks your prescriptions.

Famous addicts make all the money they need to feed their addiction. I'm wondering, what can parents do when their adult children are addicts? If you need to lock your prescriptions to keep your son from breaking in, aren't your problems a lot larger than "Where's my medication?

Adam hosts a live show where he and a special guest tackle a weekly project in under an hour.