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    We could have asked about his time on the beloved British improv comedy TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway? We could have talked about lending his voice to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and various Star Wars projects over the years. Here they are, unfiltered save for a few clarifying edits. GREG PROOPS: Well, I'm not a big fan of white people right now. Watching Michelle's face gave me some hope, because it looked like she was almost in physical pain. And if you sign off on him, if you work with him, if you're in his cabinet, you are, too. I think Mitch Mc Connell and Paul Ryan are going to smoke a big, fat turd in purgatory. But they're not going to enjoy a pleasant one, because I don't think God is going to smile on them. SD: Speaking of pissed off, what are your thoughts on the protests today? And knocking out a Starbucks or Bank of America window … I'm going to the march tomorrow, and we went to a Save Roe v. And that's the only thing that gets through to Trump. SD: I suspect the turnout for the Women's March tomorrow will dwarf the numbers for Trump's inauguration. Or Fox News will brand the protestors as unpatriotic. I get so tired of reading the story about disaffected white people and how they've been harped on. There are more poor white people than there are any other group. The other thing you're going to have to look for as a journalist is that they're gonna keep demonizing the press and saying that anyone who disagrees is an "internal enemy." Which is a real KGB way of phrasing things.