Updating materialized view

whether it is updating and inserting data, or returning single values or data sets.

Creating Views and Stored Procedures - has some information from Microsoft as to when and why to use each.

A view references one or more existing database tables or other views.

Obviously most of the time Memory tables are faster, if you are not retrieveing alot of data. Both the INSERT and the DELETE worked in this case Obviously you can't update any fields which are aggregated or calculated but any view which is just a straight view should be updateable.

You can't INSERT to this view as not all of the fields in all of the table are present and I'm assuming that PROFILE_ID is the primary key and can't be NULL. If the view contains more than one table then you can't insert or delete but if the view is a subset of one table only then you usually can.

Also the SQL Server query optimizer will try to use an indexed view even if the view is not referenced in the from clause of a T-SQL command.

These features are not available in Oracle’s Materialized Views.

View is simple showcasing data stored in the database tables whereas a stored procedure is a group of statements that can be executed.