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While the protection of our communities and our children is extremely important, the increased investigation and prosecution of these types of crimes means that many more individuals than ever before are finding their lives (both online and in the real world) under the watchful eyes of law enforcement.

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For example, several police departments and sheriff’s offices in the area have formed the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (“ICAC”) task force:

This task force focuses specifically on sex crimes committed over the internet.

In an environment of over prosecution, an aggressive sex crimes defense attorney is necessary when many more behaviors will result in prosecution than ever before. § 13-3554 defines luring a minor for sexual exploitation as “offering or soliciting sexual conduct with another person knowing or having reason to know that the other person is a minor”. § 13-3560 (aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation) if there is an allegation that the individual uses an electronic device to transmit images or video that is harmful to minors (e.g., revealing pictures or video).

Law enforcement agencies are now using sophisticated investigative techniques to target individuals suspected of soliciting sexual acts with minors over the internet. It is punishable as a class three felony, but can become a class two felony under A. Individuals often find themselves charged with aggravated luring or luring a minor for sexual exploitation after online messaging or texting.

Possessing child pornography is a serious crime and is actually called sexual exploitation of a minor by Arizona’s criminal code.