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, I returned to interview Cory Robbins, the co-founder of the legendary Profile Records, the man who signed Run-D. You can only know what you like.’” “That’s true,” he said. You know, like not signing House of Pain because I told Rick I thought “Jump Around” was their only truly great record. I’ve certainly thought a lot about why they were good at their job: an intuition about what makes music timeless coupled with a visceral sense of the moment. It’s actually an old-timey music business term meaning “Artists & Repertoire,” a relic of a time when artists didn’t write their own material and their “record men” at the label had to pair them with songs and session musicians.

You said, ‘You can’t know what’s going to be a hit. “I like hits.” Looking back, I have no ambivalence about the artists I worked with, but rather regret about other missed opportunities. Maybe I didn’t really like hits.) Still, I like to think I’ve made enough mistakes to have a real reverence for the A&R people in hip-hop who had the right instincts and really did it big.

He worked for Profile Records and Rick Rubin’s American Recordings.

He currently serves as Big Payback Officer at oo Voo.

The year was prolific enough that picking just the 50 best rap songs of 1996 feels like settling on a puny fraction.