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Dozens of teachers applied and 14 were accepted for this inaugural course. (4) Put Central America on the Map in Schools provides free downloadable lessons and workshops on Central American history and literature. This despite the fact that the great majority of Latino students in D. Our goal for next school year is promote the use of these lessons during Latino (Hispanic) Heritage Month.

(5) Progressive, Multicultural Literature for Parents and Teachers: This past year we ended of our operation of the bookstore at Busboys and Poets (14th and V).

From 1913 to 1920, the building was a 200-seat vaudeville theater owned by the African American vaudeville performer Sherman H. (Photo Source: Zagat) After the pool hall closed in 1957, Ben snatched up the property, and began a renovation process to convert it into a restaurant.

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We are proud of the role we played for ten years in helping to launch the bookstore and author events at the flagship locations.

Our carefully vetted selection of multicultural and social justice books can still be found on our webstore, (6) Identify and support progressive teachers in the D. metro area: To sustain and nurture progressive teachers in the D. metro area, we continually find ways to bring them together for author events and curriculum writing workshops.

Our board and staff engaged in a long term 25th anniversary strategic planning process, with a pro-bono consultant from Fair Chance, culminating in a full day session in February of 2015.

In addition, we hired a communications director (part-time) who is making sure that all the work described above gets visibility through our e-newsletters, website, social media, and media articles.

But, in the end, I realized what many before me have landed upon: Sometimes peaceful protests are better than direct action — particularly in the age of viral videos and public stunts acting as entertainment.