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Back in 2011, tennis star Venus started a raw vegan diet in an attempt to ameliorate a recently-discovered health condition.

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She explains: “I’d like to think that I would be able to just be looking for a really amazing person, and then trust that that amazing person – once given all the wonderful information that we have to offer, about health and the planet and animals – that that person would be so compassionate and so intelligent and so brilliant that they’d want to jump on board, as much as they possibly could.”This gorgeous singer has some great things to say about veganism: “Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. I have to admit, to me, it doesn’t really matter since when she’s been vegan. And her two kids also lead a vegan lifestyle, having grown up in a fully-vegan household. The 90-year-old former Golden Girl has been a vegetarian for over three decades. You know how there’s always an argument about who the best Catwoman is? None of that Anne Hathaway nonsense (who actually, is also a vegan).

Nowadays, she’s not just a committed vegan, but also a serious animal rights activist, saying she “could never see [herself] eating a best friend”. Despite her age, Betty still has a fantastic, extremely active career, looks awesome and is adored by practically everyone. This stunning 54-year-old says Bill Clinton inspired her to go vegan, proving to her that if a foodie such as him can strive on a vegan diet, so can she.

Pfeiffer, who’s been vegan for a relatively short time, says that although the main reason for going vegan is wanting to live a long and healthy life, vanity has a bit to do with it as well.

And clearly it’s working, because Michelle looks simply gorgeous!

The singer and tenorist participated on five more recording sessions together prior to 1937. 06 MY MAN 07 I’M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY 08 I LOVE TO LOVE 09 IT’S SO NICE TO HAVE A MAN AROUND THE HOUSE 10 SO IN LOVE 11 I LIKE MEN!