Updating statistics microsoft sql server 2016

You need to speed up a SQL Server app, but you only want to make index changes.

You don’t want to buy hardware, change SQL Server, or change the code.

SQL Server Replication provides multi-faceted data movement capabilities across SQL Server releases which has been used by customers across the globe for a large number of years.

When moving from one major release of SQL Server to another, replication topology upgrade has been a constant topic of lengthy discussions.

Side-by-side upgrade will require the upgrade of subscriber to happen together with the publisher and requires a re-initialization of the subscribers. In-place upgrade (Requires publisher to be upgraded also because subscriber and publisher need to be within two major releases.

A SQL Server 2008/R2 publisher cannot have a SQL Server 2016 subscriber.) Intermediate in-place upgrade to SQL Server 2012/2014 for the subscriber which is acting as the distributor also The publisher can then be upgraded to SQL Server 2016 post this intermediate distributor upgrade : In-place upgrade would need to occur for both publisher and subscriber at the same time as publisher and subscriber need to be within two major releases.

As part of the fix, a new column was introduced to the change tables to correctly order the operations within the change table.