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“I really proud of you Team Imasion (India) the progress in such short span of time is marvelous; keep it up.” President, IMASION Corporation, USA “Well done ‘Team Imasion!Cabimas is a city on the shore of Maracaibo Lake in Zulia State in northwestern Venezuela. Before 1900, Venezuela was known to possess commercial quantities of petroleum. Cabimas was founded by a group of Cistercians monks in 1758 as the Mission of Saint Ambrosio of Punta de Piedra, located in the modern day "La Mision".

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The weather is hot and humid with an average of over 30 °C year round.

The oil well flares produce large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO), which produces greenhouse effects which make the place even hotter.

Precipitation is low during most of the year but the rain is heavy during the wet season.