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But several experts in ophthalmology have doubts about the purpose and safety of the project, not to mention the validity of the results themselves.People who want to improve how humans function span the full range of invasiveness, from gym rats who chug protein shakes to biohobbyists slicing open their flesh in basements.Licina and Tibbetts planned to override this function by replacing their regular consumption of vitamin A (found in dairy products and some vegetables) with vitamin A2, a version of vitamin A that humans don't typically consume.

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Or you might have a transition period where you’d respond to a larger range, but the cost would be some loss of sensitivity within the old range.” After six months of studying the literature to develop a nutritional system, Tibbetts and Licina (along with 5 other experimenters) put their protocol to the test—on themselves.

They also orchestrated a successful crowdfunding campaign, necessary to buy the vitamin A2, which costs about $1,000 for a fingernail-sized drop of oil.

"Their experiment blurs on insanity." A person runs other risks in eliminating or changing dietary vitamin A, too.

“We see people with vitamin A deficiencies all the time and they are very visually impaired,” said Ver Hoeve.

"It seems entirely conceivable," said Benjamin Backus, an Associate Professor at the Graduate Center for Vision Science at SUNY College of Optometry in New York City.