What is mind games dating

Or the way we are conditioned to hold no prisoners when we find the perfect pair of jeans at a sample sale. First of all, take a deep breath and show yourself some compassion and kindness!

Dating can be hard and cause all kinds of emotions and thoughts to rise to the surface.

It is as if you are on automatic pilot because you have been conditioned to behave a specific way in certain situations.

So when we start to have anxious thoughts about what our date is thinking, we become closed off because we are feeling vulnerable or we pretend we are totally into Mixed Martial Arts too so we are more likable, we can acknowledge what is happening and respond in a way we can feel good about.

Mindful Dating can help you feel more empowered, see what games you are playing and focus on whether there is an actual connection If you are ready to end the games, then it’s time to give Mindful Dating a try.

Not everybody behaves in the same way when their dating autopilot kicks in but some common reactions are to be guarded/withdrawn or to be the person you think your date wants you to be. Mindful Dating is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness practices used to yield a more rewarding dating experience. In simple terms, Mindful Dating teaches us to become more aware of how thoughts affect the way we feel, feelings affect the way we behave and behaviors affect the way we think while dating.

Neither one of these responses is an authentic representation of who you are. We do this while learning to be in the present moment with our date and without changing, controlling or manipulating anything.

For example, if you’re angry at how he didn’t text you back about something important, he’ll go to town with an excuse about how terrible his day was so you can feel sorry for him. Sadly, a manipulator will see your kindness as weakness and your ability to give the benefit of the doubt as something that makes you an easy target.