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You can use them for Bit Torrent, to host CMS, CRM, and e-commerce software, or as DVRs for networked security cameras.A NAS is a computer, so it can do almost anything a Linux computer can do.And if you want to protect your data and backups from theft and natural disasters, a good NAS is capable of uploading files directly to a cloud backup service, too.

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The processor is older than that of the DS218 , so it’s not quite as speedy; like that Synology NAS, however, this QNAP model offers hardware encryption acceleration.

It also adds a remote to control media playback, an HDMI port for hooking the NAS directly to your TV, and an SD card slot in the front for copying over photos.

After testing five new two-bay network-attached storage (NAS) devices and comparing them against our previous picks, we found that the Synology Disk Station DS218 is the best home NAS for most people.

The fastest NAS we tested, it offers powerful hardware for the price, includes AES-NI hardware encryption acceleration for added security, has upgradable RAM, and comes with software that’s easy to use.

When you use a NAS, your data remains in your home and does not go to the cloud unless you tell it to do so.