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The Bo A network contains over 5500 branch locations and 16,000 ATMs. I have no bankruptcies, I asked for a much lower APR and was told this is the best I can do. If 18% is the best you can do, why do I want to keep my credit purchase and cash advance business with you. i find customer service individuals make up answers if they don’t have an answer or try to double talk you and blindside you. if you don’t have an answer then say so and get an answer instead of lying!!Tagged as: bank of america corporate headquarters, bank of america corporate office, bank of america corporate office address, bank of america corporate office number, bank of america corporate office phone number, bank of america headquarters, bank of america main office Dear Bank of America: My name is Alan Martin. I currently have an auto loan paid down from ,000.00 to ,000.00. this could go on and on, there is soo much S**T out there!!At this point Karen waves her manager over, who comes to her window, and tells the manager she refuses to help me.

Karen continues to seem to get more irritated with my presence.

Karen then looks up the account, write the landlord’s name on the deposit slip (Catherine Jones) and tells me that Catherine Jones’ name was not on the account so she could not make the deposit and that I needed the correct name.

Reply 12/1/2017 On December 1, 2017, I entered into Bank of America (WAS-132-01-01) to make a deposit into my landlord, Catherine Jones, account.

After waiting my turn in line, I proceeded to the last teller window to the right facing the counters to greet the teller. Karen greeted me and I noticed immediately her greeting was not as warming and welcoming as it was to me, compared to the person she serviced before me.

The manager (Anna Levy) then looks at Karen and tells her she can do the transaction but Karen tells her that she will not help me.