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Guilt gnawed on Will, and he turned his head, just as Jason gazed at him with his blue, blue eyes. Though I know now that Nico is definitely never going to have money problems in his life, no matter if his dad helps out or not."Jason grinned. ""Oh, shush, or I'm playing with you, next." Will threatened in a light tone, moving his hand to poke Jason's forehead – mainly to touch him, craving the feeling of being in his arms, all snuggled up and safe. But only because I'd be shooting myself in the leg with that.

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Then he scolded himself for having such thoughts in the first place, burying his face into Percy's chest, who mumbled something along the lines of 'No worries, I'll leave you some cake…', and tugged him slightly closer. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard rustling and movement behind him, identifying it as Jason, because Nico was too close for him not to feel it if it was him moving. Well, true, Jason had been somewhat awake when he had wrapped his arms around him before, after Will had climbed over Percy and Nico to get to him. He could technically act asleep until he'd actually fall asleep, which meant he'd be safe for the rest of the night (hopefully) from molesting Jason again. Jason jumped slightly, seeming surprised, and Will could see him squinting slightly at him, just to then move over, closer to Nico, and putting an arm around the Italian with a sigh."Just woke up. That was horrible."Jason grinned, rubbing his eyes with one hand, looking a bit more awake than a few minutes ago, the usual gleam returning to his eyes."You only disliked it because Nico ran us into the ground mercilessly every single time we played."Will huffed."So not true.

Of course he'd realize Will had cruelly abandoned him again for reasons Jason, luckily, didn't know. Jason blinked slowly, his expression unchanging, and it took Will a moment to realize he probably couldn't see Will's face properly, since he wasn't wearing glasses. Or he could actually make his wakefulness known, and…and then what? I was second in the last two games, or did you forgot? " He wailed quietly, but dramatically, and Will snorted amused, feeling Percy's grip on him tightening slightly, grumbling something into the back of his neck sternly, as if scolding him."Nah, I really wouldn't do that.

I don't think ships are meant to cuddle, Will."Will huffed indignantly."Shush. ""No way."They suggested games back and forth, but at last, they settled for .

Mostly because they had already played a lot of the other, smaller and shorter games, and that one was the most enjoyable (even if Jason kept sinking his ships, that bastard).

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