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Also in 1952, Kay introduced the matching K-162 "Electronic" Bass, which was the first commercially available thinline-hollowbody electric bass guitar, and the second production electric bass guitar after the Fender Precision Bass debuted in 1951.

Due to the use of K-162 by a bassist of Howlin' Wolf, Andrew "Blueblood" Mc Mahon, it is commonly known as the "Howlin Wolf" bass.

Kay eventually subcontracted its amplifier production to Chicago music industry rival Valco in the 1950s.

After the retirement of Kuhrmeyer in 1955, the company was taken over by Sidney M. The product line of Kay was shifted toward electric musical instruments on demands, and in 1964, the company moved to a new factory in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Kay Musical Instrument Company was a musical instrument manufacturer of the United States, in operation since the 1930s until the 1960s.

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