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It might only have been a baby step, but it was nonetheless a step for women and GLOW celebrates this with an array of vibrant, strong and funny characters in the ring.The show has a very strong cast, featuring Sydelle Noel as no-nonsense Cherry with a firm hold over Sam who shrinks in her presence and Britney Young as Carmen, the daughter of a famous wrestling giant who suffers from stage fright.She is told that she is the ‘real’ girl that no one wants to cast and is offered pornography as a career alternative.

With a strong cast of predominantly female actresses, GLOW attempts an Orange Is The New Black-style exploration of the personal lives of the women outside of training but fails to show much of substance with any bearing on the overarching narrative.

If you were to take the entire first episode, complete with Ruth’s character set-up, and stitch it to a series of the training segments and the two performances, GLOW would make an excellent movie, but the series suffers from having either too much time to make a gripping story of the womens’ progress and success or not enough time to explore their individual stories.

There are so many phenomenal stories behind the games we adore, and I wan ...

When Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) auditions for yet another insubstantial female acting role and doesn’t even manage to land the part, she appeals to the casting director for pointers.

Women the world over will be fantasising about their powerful wrestling persona and their moment of glory in the ring, if only for the duration of the show.