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Of course, I'm way too smart to ever send some stranger any funds..I thought it was amusing that one woman I chatted with told me she was experiencing "phone" issues, and couldn't talk- just text.Another asked me for an Amazon card a day after we exchanged a few msgs, so she could add time to her phone to call me....seriously, I was laughing out loud.she had a lot of "down time" dealing with things like bad hair extensions (which we fixed together by buying new ones and sewing clips to the new extensions as an unexpected but fun craft project and bonding experience) and smartphone issues with her new but not-so-waterproof Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The problem now is that the site is overrun with scam artists (mostly from Ghana).

Just for fun, I spent a good deal of time chatting with them to learn more about how they operate.

So since they are so easy to spot but are so plentiful I can't imagine they are actually trying to do anything about it, more likely they are site sponsored as many here have suggested.

The best part is on the page where you can report people there is a warning that YOU might get banned for reporting too many people.

At its inception, this site may have attracted a fairly quality following, it's interactive Spam. I joined a few months ago and so far haven't travelled anywhere.