Bsd updating binary packages

Free BSD Update is a system for automatically building, distributing, fetching, and applying binary security updates for Free BSD.

This makes it possible to easily track the Free BSD security branches without the need for fetching the source tree and recompiling (except on the machine building the updates, of course).

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Starting with Free BSD 6.2, a completely new version of Free BSD Update is distributed in the Free BSD base system and updates are being built by the Free BSD Security Team on hardware donated to the Free BSD project.

Note to Google users: If you arrived here by searching for "update ports freebsd" or something similar, you probably want portsnap, my utility for ports tree updating.

I presented a paper about this at BSDCon'03; the paper is available here in postscript, pdf, and HTML formats.

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It was written with Free BSD in mind, but Dragon Fly BSD also supports pkgng.