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If the person at the other end of the email is really a spammer, your response says to them “You know what, this email address I sent email to, it’s real.With Season 13 of “The Bachelorette” wrapping up Monday night, ABC’s “Bachelor” franchise has officially hit 40 seasons.There was a small percentage of conspiracy theorists who thought we knew and put him on the show, and we wouldn’t have done that.


“In terms of the overall diversity, it really was about integrating more diverse contestants into the big pool and getting really great contestants and I think we’ve done that. You saw it early on with the whole thing with De Mario and the girlfriend. What did you think about this season’s crop of contestants?

I think you saw that on Nick Viall’s season and on Rachel’s season, and there’s a lot more diversity on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ as a result to that. You even saw it when Chris Harrison was trying to talk to her and she sort of pushed him away. You really saw the buzz and ratings uptick with the hometown dates because all the guys were so distinct with their background and everything about them.

It was sort of interesting because they definitely went through this thing together.

They all really wanted to come back, and I was really glad we were able to get it back and have this season.

Between the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal and the contestant Lee’s racist tweets, there was a lot of controversy this season.