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Natalie had a very enjoyable day with Erik and his new wife.“They looked so good,” she said.

I’m definitely more the Vince Vaughn type, so it was decided he’d be Owen Wilson, and off we went to — gently — crash the party.

Erik and Melinda were married at The Westin in an afternoon ceremony guarded by security, so I only caught glimpses of them as they left the hotel around p.m. They took a limo to the reception at the National Gallery of Canada, where my partner had set up camp.

That's not fair to families and survivors; they need closure," Buller said as five days of hearings wrapped in Mani-Utenam, Que., an Innu community near Sept-Îles, 650 kilometres northeast of Quebec City.

"We have one shot, and we've got to do it right," Buller said, adding that the inquiry was also hoping to post its schedule for its 2018 hearings by the end of this month.

Buller said staff are still working out just how much more time and money the inquiry needs to compile its report and make recommendations to the government, after hearing stories of violence and discrimination from Indigenous women across Canada.