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If you’ve been stuck in a rut, try some of these ideas to help reinvent your Sunday. Book of Mormon Central - This article is republished with permission from Book of Mormon Central.

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At Virginia Tech, Paige Neubauer found it easy to live by the Delta Gamma motto – “Do Good!

” She was Tech’s student ambassador for the Peace Corps and was known for handing out smiles while working her cashier job at the Hokie Grill.

The model, 19, hung out on the Florida beach where she was just spotted with boyfriend Scott Disick earlier this week – but this time she had […] *very vulnerable post & may be triggering* Ahhhh change room lighting 🙄 the lighting that can make you go from having a good day to wtf my body looks like that????

I've been there before countless time – It's ruined full days for me, it's made me fall back into ED behaviours, it's made me […] Marky Mark’s still got it!

LDS Living Staff - A Church activity in Queen Creek, Arizona, had some locals wondering if UFOs were responsible for strange lights in the sky on Dec. More than 400 balloons with LED lights attached were released by members from Gilbert, Arizona, at around 8 p.m. "Each balloon represents one person, one of our friends, who's made a covenant with Jesus Christ through baptism to grow closer to Him, to be like He is," second counselor Steven Lowder told abc15.