Satanist dating

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The answer, apparently, is to abandon conspiracy theories that merely span the entire globe, and embrace ones that extend into paranormal realms.

Last month, Trump surrogate and Info Wars host Alex Jones revealed that Hillary Clinton is not simply an especially craven member of the Illuminati, but rather, a literal demon birthed in the bowels of hell.

The GOP’s decision to crown the birther king as its standard-bearer was an unprecedented triumph for the far-right fever swamp.

But it also presented the media personalities who populate that infotainment complex with an unprecedented challenge: In a world where the Republican nominee raves about elections rigged by international bankers, calls for his political rival’s imprisonment (in between joking about her assassination), and insinuates that Barack Obama is in cahoots with ISIS, how, precisely, is an info-warrior supposed to retain his outsider’s edge?

"Many of the witnesses were children that were abused that went through this and experienced it and saw not only their abuse, but other children being abused.