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The word 'icon' gets bandied around a lot these days, but never is it more aptly used than when referencing model Kate Moss. She is the beauty from Croydon; the woman who has intrigued, delighted and shocked – and who continues to do all of those things. As the UK's greatest model ever, many would argue, she is the world's best as well.

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Three fun facts: 1.) She was discovered at JFK Airport after having been on holiday in the Bahamas. The pictures were black and white, and Kate wore a printed white jumper.

1990: The issue of featuring Kate as covergirl was published.

The photographs were taken on Camber Sands in England, and after they were seen by Fabien Baron, Kate was signed for Calvin Klein.

1993: Kate signed for Calvin Klein and featured in the scent ' Obsession' campaign in a shoot which saw her pale skin and dark circles under her eyes dubbed new look 'heroin chic'.

Tbh, describing Kate Moss's style is basically impossible. 'edge' (we can't imagine her in a pink tutu with bows in her hair for instance) – but by and large, her style is as ever-changing as the seasons (the fashion ones).