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I have been using 2mg a day for the past 6-8 long can I expect to feel “panicked” throughout the day due to my sobriety?We will try to respond to you personally and promptly.

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Buprenorphine can be a useful drug prescribed to treat opiate addiction.

Because it is a partial agonist, buprenorphine (used in brand name medications such as Suboxone and Subutex) results in a milder degree of physical dependence and is associated with milder withdrawal syndrome following cessation.

Cases of withdrawal from buprenorphine are similar to morpliine type drugs and generally moderate in intensity. Low energy levels and fatigue are common subutex withdrawal symptoms.

You can check out a few case studies to glean what you can here: you can also benefit from seeking counsel with your prescribing physician and/or asking about best practices in buprenorphine withdrawal from detox clinics around you, or at a local pharmacy. The longer you have been using subutex, the more your body and mind are used to the drug.

Although the physical withdrawal symptoms resolve after a period of 7-10 days, the psychological withdrawal symptoms can last for months or longer.

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