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Feisty, fun, and totally frank, Sex and the Single Girl offers advice to unmarried women that is as relevant today as it was when it burst onto the scene in the 1960s. I'm an introvert and I am sometimes mean and cranky.

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Although many's the time I was sure I would die alone in my spinster's bed, I could never bring myself to marry just to get married.

If I had, I would have missed a great deal of misery along the way, no doubt, but also a great deal of fun.

Brown’s trailblazing book Sex and the Single Girl jump-started the sexual revolution when it was published in 1962. There is a tidal wave of misinformation these days about how many more marriageable women there are than men (that part is true enough) and how tough is the plight of the single woman—spinster, widow, divorcee.

Her fun, flirty, and unabashed advice helped a generation of women navigate the changing cultural norms both inside and outside the bedroom, and inspired the follow-up book Sex and the Office (1965). I think a single woman's biggest problem is coping with the people who are trying to marry her off!

It captures the exuberance, optimism, and independence that have influenced the lives of so many contemporary American women. 1922) is a bestselling writer and editor considered one of the most influential figures of Second Wave feminism. David is a motion picture producer, forty-four, brainy, charming and sexy. And when he finally walked into my life I was just worldly enough, relaxed enough, financially secure enough (for I also worked hard at my job) and adorned with enough glitter to attract him.

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